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He Sapa Cancer Survivors Unite for Support and Shared Strength

RAPID CITY –In the heart of Rapid City, the He Sapa Cancer Survivors Talking Circle invites the community to join a powerful gathering on February 21st, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM MT, at 725 N Lacrosse St. This hour-long event promises a unique opportunity for cancer survivors to embrace the strength that comes from shared experiences, fostering connection, support, and a celebration of life beyond cancer.

Community Connection and Shared Strength:

Attendees are encouraged to participate in an evening dedicated to forging connections and providing mutual support. The Talking Circle aims to create a safe space where survivors can share their journeys, finding solace in the understanding and encouragement of their peers. Together, the community will celebrate resilience and the triumph of life after cancer.

Shaping Support Systems:

The gathering also serves as a platform for community members to actively contribute to enhancing resources and services available to cancer survivors. Attendees are invited to share their valuable feedback, providing insights that are instrumental in shaping the support systems for those battling cancer. This collaborative effort ensures that the resources align with the needs of survivors, offering a comprehensive network of assistance.

Join the Conversation:

The He Sapa Cancer Survivors Talking Circle emphasizes the strength found in the community and the collective voice. All community members are urged to attend, share their experiences, and contribute to the ongoing conversation about survivorship. By coming together, attendees offer support to survivors and actively participate in improving services for those in need.

Get Involved:

For more information about the He Sapa Cancer Survivors Talking Circle, interested individuals can contact Latoya Brave Heart or Derek Molash. They can provide additional details, answer questions, and guide those interested in attending this empowering event.


Latoya Brave Heart

Email: [email protected]

Derek Molash

Email: [email protected]

Come and be part of this transformative evening, where the power of community takes center stage, supporting cancer survivors and shaping a brighter future together.