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65 & Over Are Next In Line for COVID Vaccine at OHC

RAPID CITY –The Oyate Health Center will soon move to its next stage of vaccinations that will include those who are 65 & over. Those who are over the age of 65 can sign up for an appointment or add their name to a list showing they want the vaccine. …

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Get In Line For The Vaccine

RAPID CITY — The Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board and the Oyate Health Center are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more vaccines to distribute to the community. In the next several weeks, the Oyate Health Center hopes to expand its distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to more community members.

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Health Board to Host Mass Testing in North Rapid City

RAPID CITY –The Oyate Health Center is set to host a community-wide COVID-19 testing event in its additional location at 725 North LaCrosse Street in Rapid City. Testing will be available from 8 AM-6 PM, December 28-31, 2020, for all who wish to be tested.  “While we have seen a decline in new…

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New FDA Guidelines Force Testing Changes At OHC

The Oyate Health Center recognizes that COVID-19 is more prevalent in the Black Hills and in the Country than at any time before during this global pandemic. Access to testing materials is in critical demand, and the FDA has issued new guidelines for testing. In response, the Oyate Health Center…

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