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OHC Special Alert Notice

Changes in Covid-19 Testing

Oyate Health Center is changing our COVID testing protocol in order to maximize available organizational resources to meet the needs of our relatives.    

  1. Symptomatic patients—check into Urgent Care.
  2. Exposed patients with no symptoms will be given home tests.
  3. Patients with a positive home test—we consider a patient with a positive home test to have COVID, and we do not repeat the test unless seeking anti-viral treatment.
  4. Patients whose employer requires a test—we are offering a home test for this.
  5. Pre-surgical patients only—go directly to Lab.  You must have your pre-op order for the test.

*Groups gathering and wanting home tests will request them through GPTCHB Emergency Operations Center located at Lacrosse St. location.

*Oyate Health Center does not provide COVID testing for travel.