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Historical Trauma and Unresolved Grief Circle

Location: oyate health center 3200 Canyon Lake D, Rapid City

The Historical Trauma and Unresolved Grief (HTUG) group addresses and explores the cumulative effects of current and historical trauma, grief, and loss within the collective American Indian experience. The group will run for 12 weeks and includes 4 major components: confronting historical trauma and embracing our history understanding trauma releasing our pain transcending the trauma Tools used include psychoeducation on the traumatic aspects of American Indian history and how it affects American Indians. Small group processing with opportunity for catharsis...


Positive Indian Parenting Group

The Positive Indian Parenting curriculum goal is to help Indian parents explore the values and attitudes expressed in traditional Indian child rearing practices and then apply those values to modern parenting skills. This includes oral tradition, storytelling, the spiritual nature of child rearing and the role of extended family. Another goal is to help parents develop positive and satisfying attitudes, values and skills that have roots in their cultural heritage. Promoting the growth and wellbeing of the Indian child through...


Wotakuye Omniciye

Location: 725 N Lacrosse St Rapid City, SD 725 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City

We humbly invite you to join our monthly Wotakuye Omniciye. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the He Sapa Oyate Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention (SPIP) Strategic Action Plan.